Med Sea Shipping Agency Limited

For hundreds of years, Malta has been a Maritime nation.

Being located precisely in the centre of the Mediterranean, it’s geographical position, optimum climate and deep natural harbours have attracted mariners, traders and naval forces to use Malta as a base for shelter, provisioning, ship repair and as a trading hub.

Through the years, We have made good use of such opportunities to set up an impressive list of maritime services, given with expertise, care and commitment.

Medsea Shipping Agency was set up in 1999 as a Liner and Tramp Agency with the prime intention of promoting Malta as a hub for container, bulk and liquid cargoes.

At the same time we made it our objective to render professional assistance to ship owners and operators using our harbours, thus contributing to building up the good reputation we enjoy today.

Through the years, the business was developed to cater mainly for Principals using Malta as a transshipment hub for West and East Med cargoes, and their subsequent forwarding to final ports of destination.
As things developed, our company also got involved on the local trade and we are now well versed both in transshipment operations as also on the domestic market. Most of our staff have a vast experience in the shipping business, so we are well aware and fully understand the priorities both of our Principals as also those of our Customers alike.

Our mission is to provide to our Principals and Customers a professional and comprehensive service in the shipping industry, a service that is cost effective and efficient. We are here to promote shipping opportunities within the Maltese Islands to prospective port users and clients. At the same time we give particular attention to our staff with high regard to efficiency, discipline and safety on the place of work.